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I love strawberry I love buying strawberries when they are in season and perfectly ripe and juicy. I love using them in recipes, especially homemade jam, shake, juice and sweets. I ate one pound all by myself yesterday!  They were just so good I kept eating them one by one. Here is one of my special drink Strawberry drink with lemon drops.


  1. One and a half cup strawberries
  2. Juice of 2 large lemons
  3. 4 spoons sugar
  4. Half cup of cold water
  5. Extra strawberries for garnish


In a blender combine one and half cup of strawberries and juice of lemon and sugar

Blend on high until smooth about 2mints.

Pour into a pitcher and whisk together with the cold water.  Refrigerate until chilled about an hour.

Serve with ice and garnish with the strawberry.  Enjoy!


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