Chocolate Cake

This is a rich and moist chocolate cake. It only takes a few minutes to prepare the batter. Frost with your favorite chocolate frosting. It’s moist and fudgy and will keep well for 4-5 days.

Basan Pakora Kadhi

This is a tantalizingly sour dahi kadhi prepared with besan, curd, and delicious besan pakora. This dish is rich in its flavors, as it uses quite a few spices and the pakoras added to it make it irresistible. The kadhi pakora recipe.

Mix Fruit Salad

Make a weeknight meal special and drizzle a simple syrup over a bowl of mixed fruit for a light dessert. Easy fruit salad recipe for birthday parties and family gatherings. Fruit salad is a delicious desert that you can make in less than 15 to 20 mints.

Lemon Rice

Lemon flavor, this is a delicious way to turn plain rice into an exotic dish, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to any meats and/or veggies. Also, the rice is cooked in broth and milk instead of water, which in turn makes the rice a bit creamy and so much more flavorful. A sprinkle of dill at the end is everything.

Delicious Pepsi Pudding

This delicious Pepsi Pudding is everything you dream of— Creamy , rich, sweet, it’s got loads of Pepsi/caramel goodness and it will blow your mind. It’s ridiculously simple, you just have to keep layering and layering. And takes about 20 minutes to make. That’s almost a joke….but it isn’t.

Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken Jalfrezi , one of the most popular chicken curry dishes in Pakistan. A delightfully flavorful curry with tender juicy chunks of chicken in a spicy tomato sauce studded with stir-fried peppers and onions. Try our version, you will love it.

Kebab Karhai

Kebab Karhai is an Afghani dish which is not so famous in Pakistani restaurants but is now introduced in home cooking. I make this dish quite often for fancy dinner parties and my guests always appreciate it.

Badami Firni (Rice Pudding)

If you want to enjoy some special sweet dish then attempt this one. Rich milk desert a most common sweet dish prepared and sever in every home. Prepare this rich ferni delight and enjoy.

Chili Garlic Prawns

A delicious spicy prawn dish bursting with flavor. High in protein and packed with chili too boost your metabolism. Here the recipes of delicious chili garlic prawns.

Delicious Fruit Trifle

Fruit trifle recipe is healthy and easy to make at home. You will love this fruit trifle with cake and custard.This dessert is full of surprise and your kid is going to love this recipe.

Spaghetti And Meatballs

A delicious meatball spaghetti recipe that is loved by adults and kids; beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, the perfect combo! This is so simple and delicious recipe.

Special Beef Biryani

This beef biryani is pretty simple to make, similar to mutton my mutton biryani. But it has little unique taste and little spicy too. Cook dum biryani is not at all difficult, the key thing is getting the rice cook to perfection. Otherwise that everything is easy.


Daleem, is a tasty dish that is a bit difficult to make. Daleem is a special and most famous dish prepared during Ramadan and Moharram ul Haram. Make delicious Daleem with mutton or beef. Now make it at home and let us how it was.

Chinese Spring Roll

My Mom’s Chinese Spring/Egg rolls are absolutely on the list of top 5 favorite foods of all time. It’s not something I make often, the deep frying and the time it takes makes it an indulgence.

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